Sherri Gamel

*Individual transformation results may vary.* Since the age of 3 I have had 24 surgeries most of which were on my right knee. Later in life I found out those surgeries should have never been performed.  As a result of these needless surgeries my right knee is fused and my right leg is 3 inches shorter than my left leg.  A doctor told me that I needed to learn to live my life to the best of my ability however I could make that happen because by the time I was 50 years old I would likely be in a wheelchair.   I have never been able to live physically active in my life.  The few times I had the courage to ask for help I was turned away because no one knew how to help someone with my physical issues.  That was until I met Ryan Vivar!  Where others saw problems he saw solutions!  He designed a workout that I worked with my limitations. I began to see and feel like I was making progress. I became stronger physically and emotionally.  Oh!  I ran in the Memorial Marathon 5K in April in just under 50 minutes.  I’m 60 now, and I want no part of that wheelchair theory!

Susan Weaver

*Individual transformation results may vary.* Ryan is not only a great trainer, he is compassionate, caring and takes a personal interest in his clients so he knows and understands the ups and downs that have a potential affect on the outcome. Ryan is dedicated to taking you where you want to go in your fitness program.

Jim Grennan

*Individual transformation results may vary.* Ryan dedicates himself to helping each of his clients succeed with an individualized workout plan that is safe and has positive results.  His passion for health and fitness for each of his clients has helped them to achieve remarkable results.  Ryan has created and developed “Fitness After 50” and offers hope to clients who seek to sustain strength, stamina, and improve their overall quality of life.  The results in the lives of his clients in this program have been significant.  Ryan has the gift to connect with his clients of all ages, ranges, and abilities.  He takes them at their point of need through an individualized program designed specifically for helping them achieve success beyond what they could imagine.

Steve Lackmeyer

*Individual transformation results may vary* “I have struggled with my weight since high school. I experienced a tragic loss that resulted in even more weight gain. My choice was simple: change, or die. Ryan is constantly changing my training program and is the complete opposite of the stereotype drill sergeant trainer. He is an incredible motivator providing encouragement and firm expectations as needed. Mentally I am better able to tap into my creativity. Physically I have lost nearly 150lbs so far. I couldn’t walk a block when I started and I can now walk all over downtown OKC and enjoy life. My latest check-up had the best results in years. I was informed that I may be able to drop some prescriptions later this year. Ryan does not use gimmicks or supplement on his clients. He target life change, slow, steady & sustainable life change.  Ryan strives to improve himself & his service for his clients. He is an amazing person.”

Steve Lackmeyer – Oklahoma City, OK       Author, Writer for The Daily Oklahoman, Downtown OKC Expert

Michelle Mackay

*Individual transformation results may vary.* One of the reasons I started with Ryan Vivar was his Fitness After 50 program. I have arthritis in my knees and I knew I was overweight. His expertise in working with people over 50 and people with arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, and weight management drew me to him. My husband had started with Ryan several months before me and I could see the amazing results he was getting.

I have tried a lot of other personal trainers and have not ever been successful until I met Ryan Vivar. I have achieved more than I could have ever imagined. I had never exercised in my life before, nor even touched exercise equipment. Ryan has helped me lose weight, lose inches, build muscle and incorporate cardiovascular activity into my daily life and gave me the self-confidence to do this.

Ryan has a very unique and special gift of connecting with me and all of his other clients. As mentioned above, I’ve tried other trainers but Ryan Vivar is in a class of his own. If you are committed and willing to put in the work to help yourself, Ryan is going to help you with your goals and probably exceed them.

Charlotte Lankard

*Individual transformation results may vary.* Now in my 70s, I have arthritis and joint stiffness, but it is important to stay strong and flexible because I still have a busy practice, an active life in my community, time with friends, visiting children and grandchildren, and traveling domestically and internationally.  Ryan is a professional that understands the limitations of my aging body and the spirit of my lifestyle.  He is the best personal trainer for any age, and perfect for those over age 50.  His workouts are not one-size-fits-all, but are tailored to meet individual needs and abilities. I highly recommend Ryan Vivar and his training studio Ryan Vivar Fitness located in Downtown Oklahoma City.”

Charlotte Lankard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, a weekly columnist for The Oklahoman, author of IT’S CALLED LIFE:  Living, Loving, Hurting, Changing and a contributing author to POWERFUL SINGLE PARENT WISDOM, BLENDING FAMILIES and DEVOTE 40 DAYS.

Dustin Watterson

*Individual transformation results may vary.* I’ve always been a rather large guy.  I have never been morbidly obese, but I’ve been close.  Going into college in the fall of 2012, I weighed about 220 pounds.  After five years of college and four years of dental school, I had ballooned to 265 pounds.  If you’ve ever experienced professional school of some kind, believe me when I say the stress is enormous.  Add to that an unimaginable amount of studying, hours spent in the lab finishing projects and the stress of finishing clinical requirements, and then your own personal stress and problems, and you can imagine you might need an extra friend for comfort.  For so many of us, that friend was food.  Also, there really was no time for personal fitness and health.  Survival was the name of the game – and I gained weight.  After being out of school for a few months and after a few failed attempts at losing weight on my own, I turned to Ryan.  I have worked hard in the gym, on my own, and have listened to all of the great advice.  I have lost 50+ pounds and I am eternally grateful  and thankful for Ryan and his faithfulness to my personal being, health and life expectancy.  It’s not just about losing weight; it’s about transforming your life.  With improved physicality comes improved attitude, energy, confidence, and a new look on life.  If you decide for a change, just remember it’s ultimately up to you to change.

– Dustin W


*Individual transformation results may vary*

2014 Miss Oklahoma Latina

Jane Jayroe

*Individual transformation results may vary.* I enjoyed my time working out with Ryan.  He is a knowledgable professional with a commitment to fitness for his clients.  His attention to detail and kindness is an amazing asset in any profession. Ryan has all the tools to do great things. I know he will continue to grow and will be at the front of the crowd applauding. - Jane Jayroe Gamble

Jane was crowned Miss America in 1967 and worked an anchor in TV News in Oklahoma City and Dallas-Fort Worth broadcast media markets for 16 years. She is also an offer and worked as a public official under Governor Frank Keating.

Regina Pinkerton

*Individual transformation results may vary.* I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis when I was 17 years old, and I am now 57 years old.  I have joints, like my wrists, which have been fused together from the disease, as well as a hip which has been replaced once and refurbished once.  I was in enough pain to take additional pain medication beside my normal regiment of meds.  I was also over weight – 195 lbs. at 5’4.  This added additional wear and tear on my already failing joints.  I was also on medication for blood pressure, cholesterol, and a sleep aide.

When I went in for my consultation with Ryan, he told me he would work me only if I got a medical release to exercise and recommendations from my Rheumatologist on what I could do and what I could not do so as to not injure myself during my training.  I have been working out with Ryan going on 10 months now and I have lost 49 lbs.  Ryan’s passion is working with people over 50; he wants us to be healthy in the next 50 years of our life.  I went in to Ryan Vivar talking about my disability, I walk out of there inspired and encouraged on how great I feel and what I have been able to accomplish with Ryan’s help.

Carl Mackay

*Individual transformation results may vary.* A multitude of reasons brought me to Ryan Vivar. I am 60 yrs. Old and 45 years ago I had a skiing accident which according to doctors would leave me with severe back restrictions for the rest of my life, due to the numerous cracked vertebra and 4 months in a neck brace. Compound that with subsequent knee injuries, separated shoulder and finally Colon Cancer surgery that went bad and left me with a severe hernia. This led to decades of inactivity, poor dietary maintenance, numerous tried and failed diets, and additional injuries due to previous personal trainers.  My weight reached 225lbs on my 5’7 frame, and found myself on all kinds of medications.

My wife found Ryan  and we have been clients or 2 years now. It is one of the smartest decisions we have ever made. I’m happy to say that I’m no longer on medication at all, and have not had any back pain or muscle spasms. I have dropped my weight to 160lbs through Ryan’s total approach. Since working with Ryan I have far exceeded my physicians, expectations and dreams. Ryan further encouraged me to start bicycling to fill in the cardiovascular portion of my programming. A year later a typical bike ride for me can be up to 50 miles. I hadn’t ridden a bike since childhood. My wife and I now take vacations and spend time touring the countryside on bikes. We are planning to do the 225 mile Katy Trail in Missouri next spring.

Ryan truly cares about his clients, it’s not just a job to him, and you are certainly not just a membership or a paycheck. If you want to live a better,and more fulfilling life. Train with Ryan Vivar. He is not just a trainer. This guy really cares.